22 August 2018

"Lovely Spring News! 

A mother water bird and her ducklings or goslings have taken up residence at Phoenix Park".

For all our excellent Vaal birders  ... do tell us what her accurate name is?

03 August 2018

Hi ALL you good people that contribute to the upkeep of Phoenix Park. The Month of July was very cold with frost on the grass nearly every day.
This cold snap has given us the opportunity to do some cleaning up and cleaning out. We feature two pictures of the dam to show how different it looks after the clean-up and we are not done yet!

Our next task is to remove some, not all, of the fallen trees in the water. they make the place look messy. Hopefully next month I can show you the difference. The last few days have been warmer, and the weeds have started to grow. Our gardeners are busy watering and cleaning up the mounds of leaves that have fallen.
Spring is in the air.

The Ward Five Committee

15 May 2018


Hi all,

Our May Phoenix Park update.

The Marigolds are past their best but I’m hesitant to pull them out as they are still making a good show for people driving down Frikkie Meyer Blvd.

The leaves are falling thick and fast and the Melt Brink sidewalks and parking area gardens are covered.  With time we will remove and bag the leaves and turn them into compost.

Grass cutting continuous with a new area of parkland being cut each week. (Another small bite of the elephant.)

The fallen tree has been stripped of it’s branches and left as a jungle gym for intrepid climbers.  The broken branches have been cut up and driven away.

We have started cleaning the rubbish out of the stream and, in time, the banks of the stream and dam will be very pretty.

We see more dog walkers in the morning and we wish them and indeed all visitors enjoyment of the park.


Kind Regards

Mike Woodroffe